AGLIN corporate documents available for perusal by the public are available here:

AGLIN Constitution
Constitution of the Australian Government Libraries Information Network (AGLIN), last changed at the 2015 AGM.
Constitution of the Australian Governmen
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AGLIN Strategic Priorities 2015-2017
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Guidelines on submission to e-list
Guidelines on submission of material to
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Guide to the use of the AGLIN logo
AGLIN_Logo Guide.pdf
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Australian Government Library collections preservations and disposal
At the AGLIN committee meetings in June and July 2014, the committee discussed the problem of collection disposal when libraries are downsizing or closing. The guidelines contain a summary of the points raised.
AGLIN collections preservation and dispo
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AGLIN-ALIA Memorandum of Understanding

AGLIN has had a Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) with Australian Library and Information Association [ALIA] since 2007. In 2010 the MoU was reviewed and refined. The current MoU with ALIA was was signed on February 2010. Through this MoU the governing bodies of AGLIN and ALIA acknowledged the importance of working together to meet the professional and representational needs of Australia's government libraries and information services and those working within, or with an interest in the government library sector.