AGLIN Executive 2016/17

The AGLIN Secretariat is staffed by Tina McIntosh, AGLIN's Executive Officer. She can be contacted via email at

Convenor: Jan Bordoni

 Assembly Librarian for the Legislative Assembly

and the ACT Public Service

T: (02) 6205 0395


Secretary: Julia Philips

National Meteorological Library
Bureau of Meteorology
T: (03) 9669 4090 

Treasurer: Alison Carter


Enterprise Solutions Branch | Information Technology Division

Australian Government Department of Health

T: 02 6232 8486


Public Officer: Kym Holden

Research Strategies – Library Services

Policy Strategy

Department of Social Services


T: (02) 6146 7586

M: 0412 487 539


Executive Member: Alex Philp

Director, Overseas Collections and Metadata Management

NLA Representative

(02) 6262 1519