Upcoming Events 

AGLIN Forum: Wider Vision, Better Value

at the National Library of Australia, 15 & 16 September 2016


Book online now .  Download a copy of the program here.


Day 1 – Presentations

8:35 9:00          Registrations

9:00 9:10           Welcome

9:10 9:50           Jason McDonald – PM&C

    Presentation: Valuing Public Goods

9:50 10:30        Toby Bellwood – PM&C

    Presentation: data.gov.au – The Australian Open Data Portal

10:30 10:50      Morning Tea

10:50 12:00      Thomas Stoeckle - Lexis Nexis

   Presentation: Data Visualisation for Greater Insights

12:00 12:45      Dr Jack Barton - AURIN Urban Data and e-Research Facilitator

     Presentation: Introduction to AURIN

12:45 1:30        Lunch

1:30 2:00          Sponsors Presentations

2:00 3:00         Dr Gillian HallamQueensland University


     Presentation: "Visualising the value of your skills: understanding

     the role you can play in data management.“ 


3:00 3:15         Afternoon Tea


3:15 - 4:00          Alan Eldridge - Tableau


   Presentation: Insights vs. Answers / Analysis vs. Reports

4:00-4:50        Catriona Bryce and Hilary Berthon – NLA

  Presentation: Trove for Government Information

4:50-5:00           Sum Up and Close


 Day 2 – Workshops


9:00-11:20    Toby Bellwood – PM&C


Workshop: Practical Actions to Improve Data Quality and Build Experience in Data Best Practice


Includes 20 minutes for Morning Tea



11:20 12:30  Dr Jack Barton - Australian Urban Research Infrastructure Network


Workshop: Using the AURIN Database


12:30 1:15      Lunch (BYO)



1:15 2:15        Timothy Louie - Tableau


                       Workshop: Data Analytics for Everyone


2:15 2:35        Afternoon Tea



2:35 3:35      Iain Brown – Department of Health



Workshop: “Big Data, Colossal Data, Weird Data? On ‘Stepping-in’ to Small Data”




3.35- 5.00     Jen Campbell Strategic Narratives


                      Workshop: Presenting Data Effectively: maximising your impact and winning the argument


These are hands-on sessions please bring your own laptops





ALIA/AGLIN Forum Program
ALIA URLS - AGLIN Forum Program.pdf
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Past events - 2015

Creating the Health Librarian Professional Workforce for the Future - Ann Ritchie
This presentation provides on overview of 'how Health Libraries Australia (HLA) faced challenges of creating a health professional librarianship workforce that will be relevant in the evolving Australian health care environment.'
Creating health librarian professional w
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Anne Ritchie's Presenter notes
If you missed out on the presentation, this is a great resource to accompany Ann's presentation on the future of the Health Librarian Professional workforce.
Presenters Notes_Anne Ritchie.pdf
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Past Events - 2012

EBooks Turning the Page September 27 2012

Alison Neil UNSW URL and AGLIN Canberra
Microsoft Power Point Presentation 3.9 MB
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Lisa Bradley - eBooks REVISED.pptx
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Alison Morin - EBL_URL_2012.pptx
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Diane Costello - alia-aglin2012ebooks.pp
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Ellen Broad Coming to Terms with e-books
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Jon Jeffrey Softlink OverDrive Info Powe
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Liz Luchetti - Ebook powerpoint REVISED.
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Stuart Ferguson PPT ebooks Sep 2012.ppt.
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Information Awareness Month was marked by the AGLIN/ALIA Information Sharing Forum held on Wednesday 2 May 2012.  Where   Dr. Paul Koerbin, Manager Web Archiving at the National Library outlined the selection and retention policies used for Pandora in respect to collecting and preserving government web material. He gave details of proposed changes and developments to the system.


Value of Libraries Symposium

A full day workshop presented by ALIA ACTive and AGLIN was held on  Thursday 31 May 2012 at University House, Australian National University.  Copies of the presentations are available on You Tube via the following link: