About Us

The Australian Government Library Information Network (AGLIN) is a membership-based organisation for information professionals working in government. We have Member libraries across all levels of government, including Commonwealth, State and Territory.  


AGLIN provides a forum for discussion, ideas and resource sharing.  Government library and information services are currently facing transitional change and AGLIN is implementing strategies to promote their value as vital -information and research support hubs supporting the work of government.


The benefits of membership

Membership of AGLIN gives you:

  • Access to a peak body which will listen to your concerns and make sure your voice is heard
  • Subscription to the AGLIN Members Only e-list.
  • Access to training and development opportunities design specifically for information professionals working in government
  • Information about international best-practice for libraries, records, knowledge management and collections.
  • Access to co-operative procurement schemes and resource sharing

What we do

AGLIN has a work plan based on priorities identified by members at its planning day on 27 February 2015. A copy of the AGLIN Strategic Priorities 2015 - 2017 document is available here. The projects we are currently working on include:

  • Dr Gillian Hallam’s (QUT) Review of Commonwealth Government agency libraries – the output of this project will be a report including options for future service delivery models for government libraries;
  • Hosting information networking events;
  • Organizing the annual AGLIN Forum; and
  • Working with ALIA to ensure that the interests of government libraries are represented in federal election policy platforms.


Governance and Constitution

AGLIN is managed by an Executive in accordance with its Constitution. The Executive is drawn from the general membership, is elected at the Annual General Meeting and is further supported by nominated State and Territory representatives.



The aims of AGLIN are to:

  •  support decision making in all levels of government by promoting and facilitating knowledge and resource sharing across Commonwealth, State and Territory government organisations and their staff;
  • promote the vital role libraries and information centres play in policy and program development and advancing digital innovation in government
  • promote cost-effective and efficient information and data services to Commonwealth, State and Territory government organisations;
  • develop and implement cooperative schemes and resource sharing activities among members;
  • serve as a forum to consider and reach consensus on issues and policies which affect members;
  • represent the interests and concerns of members in wider government forums
  • encourage improvement and promote best practice in the management of member information and data services; and
  • foster and facilitate the dissemination of Commonwealth, State and Territory government publications and data to the wider Australian community.
  • Provide training and mentoring opportunities for AGLIN members
  • Provide support for the continued development of skills for information professionals who are members of AGLIN



The Australian Government Libraries Information Network (AGLIN) was formally established in May 1993, following discussions on the need for a body to co-ordinate Commonwealth Government Libraries, as the Federal Libraries Information Network (FLIN). The name changed to AGLIN in 2003 to reflect contemporary terminology and better position the Network for the future.