About Us

The Australian Government Libraries Information Network (AGLIN) was formally established in May 1993, following discussions on the need for a body to co-ordinate Commonwealth Government Libraries, as the Federal Libraries Information Network (FLIN). The name changed to AGLIN in 2003 to reflect contemporary terminology and better position the Network for the future.

What does AGLIN do?

The Australian Government Libraries Information Network (AGLIN) represents and supports the interests of its members in the delivery of information services to Australian Government organisations. AGLIN is an independent association of Australian Government public sector information services, and is not endorsed or funded by the Australian Government.

Governance and Constitution

AGLIN is managed by an Executive in accordance with its Constitution . The Executive is drawn from the general membership, is elected at the Annual General Meeting and is further supported by nominated State and Territory representatives.


AGLIN aims to:

a) represent the interests and concerns of member libraries and information services in wider government forums;

b) develop and implement co-operative schemes and resource sharing activities among Australian Government libraries and information services;

c) serve as a forum to consider and reach consensus on issues and policies which affect Australian Government libraries and information services;

d) promote

  • improved access to information by Australian Government agencies and their staff,
  • research and development in the application of new technologies and information systems relevant to Australian Government libraries and information services, and
  • improvements in the management of Australian Government libraries and information services.

e) develop a capacity for the provision of expert advisory services to its members and other organisations as appropriate in such areas as:

  • cost effective procurement of library materials, systems and other services;
  • guidelines and standards for library management in strategic planning, and
  • performance measurement, staff professional development and training, marketing of library services and other matters.

f) foster and facilitate the dissemination of Australian Government publications to the wider community by:

  • ensuring appropriate bibliographical control is achieved for all publications of Australian Government agencies,
  • supporting the maintenance of library deposit arrangement for all Australian Government agency publications, and
  • promoting the use of appropriate commercial distribution arrangements.

AGLIN Consortium Taskforce

The AGLIN Consortium Taskforce (ACTF) was set up in February 2003. 


Mission statement

The AGLIN Consortium Task Force aims to maximise opportunities and collective solutions for the purchasing and licensing of library resources by member libraries.


Role statement

The mission will be achieved by:

  1. Consulting widely with members to assess their needs and harness the knowledge of the broader group.
  2. Promoting different purchasing models that allow collaborative purchasing.
  3. Representing the collective interests of AGLIN members in vendor negotiations on behalf of the membership.
  4. Educating member libraries and vendors about the various frameworks under which Australian government libraries operate.


The consortium is open to all financial members of AGLIN.


Consortium offers

New proposals are welcome from vendors of products that they believe would be of relevance to our members.


AGLIN aims to make consortium deals as a service to its members. Please note that AGLIN does not necessarily endorse the vendors or products being offered.

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